"Phenomenal Services"

Blessed Properties provided me phenomenal real estate brokerage services. As my Sellers Agent, Patrick Purifoy helped bring my property up to the highest standards to be competitive in the market while maintaining cost effectiveness on my end. He also steadily demonstrated patience and persistence while continuously engaging the market over time to ensure my home sold. In the end, Blessed Property was able to secure an offer on my home that was even higher than my asking price, and the sale process was one of the most smooth and easy business transactions I had ever conducted!

P. Flynn
Fort Stewart

"Nothing Short of Impressed"

I just wanted to write you a note back telling you how much Michelle and I truly appreciate the care you are giving our home. I have been nothing short of impressed since we started talking with Blessed Properties about 12 months ago. Patrick and the team have been a Godsend, even through this last Afghan deployment I just returned from. We switched over to you all because for a multitude of reason but one was that we received only one inspection in a 2 year period (and that’s only because Tammie ensured it got done before she worked at BP). After insisting on an inspection within 180 days from my notification, we received pictures that made us cringe. The house was disgusting, the yard looked like the house was foreclosed on, and most of the pictures we DID see were of a wall…or a ceiling fan. We were forced to lower our rent by about $75-100 to attract new tenants when the original family moved. You all not only were able to get my rent closer to its original rental price but obviously put some responsible tenants in our first home that care about its condition. Thank you, and we look forward to the years ahead with you all!

Josh and Michelle Rodriguez

"1000% Satisfied"

My wife and I began our journey of finding our first home to purchase in July 2012. We could not believe the rough roads with all the brand new homes popping up everywhere. We went to many real estate agencies, but they would not show or give us what we wanted…..they showed and tried to give us what they wanted us to have like nothing was left to offer us. WE EVEN SHOWED AND TOLD THEM EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED! We were about to give up when I remembered this guy I served in the military with, Patrick Purifoy. I remembered him telling me that he was starting his own Real Estate company. I told my wife, about him, and she agreed to give it one last try before we postponed home buying to the following year. It was getting really frustrating.

I called Pat and informed him that we were looking for a home and knew exactly what we wanted, but other agencies were not accommodating us. He said, “Gary, tell me exactly what you are looking for and give me 24 hours.” Pat called me the next day with 3 or 4 homes to look at. WE WANTED ALL OF THEM, LOL. We went to Pat’s office, Blessed Properties, and initiated the process to seal the deal.

From our offer being accepted to us receiving the keys to our new home, Pat was there every step of the way. If we found issues during the building process, Pat rectified it immediately. Pat and Blessed Properties ensured we were 1000% satisfied with our purchase! I guess I have been so busy enjoying my home that I forgot to thank BLESSED PROPERTIES again! I recommend Pat and Blessed Properties to any and all of my friends, coworkers and associates. Thanks again, Pat! If my wife and I are ever in need of any type of services you offer……..we will be calling you.

Gary and Kim Hoskins

"Sending People Your Way"

I want to say thanks for working with me. I have heard bad things about realtors (property managers) around this area but that is not the case with your company. If I hear or run into someone that need housing or are buying I will send them your way.

Albert Potts
Fort Hood, TX

"You’re in the Right Place"

On September 15, 2012 I started a journey to purchase another house. I called up Patrick at Blessed Property and met with him on that day. He asked what was I looking for and I replied “A blessing.” I said that to him not because of the name of his organization but because that was what I was looking for. He confidently replied, “you’re in the right place.”

The journey was actually shorter than I expected. By October 26, 2012, we closed on our new home and we had keys in our hands. Patrick and his staff had also successfully rented our existing home which was a criteria for the purchase of our new home.

Owning one house and trying to purchase another was something I never thought I could do but because of the knowledge of Patrick, his staff and the resources they use, we were able to do what we set out to do.

This is the first time I am being a Landlord. Blessed Properties has been nothing but a blessing to me and my family as Property Managers for us. I would never have anyone else manage my properties but Blessed Properties.

Thank you Patrick, keep up the good work and continue to be a ministry to the community.

Mr. & Mrs. Roland Dawson
Killeen, TX

"I Can Sell This House"

After renting our second home for almost three years, my wife and I decided to sell it against the negativity of; foreclousers in the subdivision, new homes being built left and right of the house, and the present economy.We prayed while preparing the house for sale that God would send us a realtor. We waited six weeks and by way of a dear friend came Patrick Purifoy of Blessed Property.

The very same day I contacted Patrick, he met us at the property and thereafter everytime we had to meet with him he was always prompt and positive. Upon entering the house he said, “I can sell this house,” and he did!

The property was listed on the MLS, Youtube, and Blessed Property’s website. In less than 24 hours we had and interested buyer, who became the actual buyer. The house was contracted and pulled off all the above mentioned sites within 72 hours and we closed on the property in 30 days.

During this short time of client/realtor relationship with Patrick, he kept us updated and encouraged. We are in our third home in this area and never experienced a realtor with such excellence, professionalism and integrity. We recommend Patrick Purifoy of Blessed Property to anyone selling their house.

James & Vera

"What Right Looks Like"

Before I discovered Blessed Properties, I spent the previous 7 years extremely unhappy with the management of my properties. Month after month, year after year, I suffered losses and setbacks due to gross negligence to my properties. When I first considered transferring over to Blessed Properties I spent a considerable period of time discussing my concerns and complaints with Patrick, whom assured me that I wouldn’t have any of these issues under their management. Since my decision to sign with Blessed Properties, not only have I not had any of the previous concerns, but the Blessed Property staff treats me as if I am FAMILY! They have truly exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

I really admire their honesty, integrity as well as their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. I also appreciate their very accessible lines of communications. Emails are promptly responded to with clear and concise replies. Instead of the long telephonic waiting periods I so frequently experienced in the past, and automated message recordings of individuals that never got back to me, I now actually have the fortune, on every phone call, of speaking to an actual human representative that will guide me in the right direction to immediately have my concerns addressed and resolved. No longer do I have to wait an entire 30 days for the next scheduled money transfer to receive funds when a tenant pays their rent a day or two late. When the tenants pay, I get paid. I no longer worry about my properties being neglected, or not being contacted should anything out of the ordinary occur. I haven’t enjoyed this type of peace of mind since I lived in them myself. And to top it all off, the rates for Blessed Properties are the lowest of any of the others I encountered! Thank you Patrick & the entire Blessed Property staff for showing me what “right” looks like.

Your grateful client,

Marlowe Howard

"Excellence and Integrity"

Our family will forever be eternally grateful for Patrick Purifoy. He is a dedicated and selfless man who took time out of his families schedule to take our family around house hunting. He was so mindful of our needs and desires to accommodate our family not only physically, but financially as well. He took us to only the houses that fit our price range and walked us straight through the home buying process. As first time Home Buyers we didn’t know what to expect, but having a man of Great Excellence & Integrity we knew we had nothing to worry about!! Two years later we love our house even more then when Patrick first showed it to us. I don’t think we could EVER thank you enough!! Thanks

Mr. & Mrs. Brazelton – Killeen, TX

"The Best Realtor"

Patrick is a man of integrity and a man of God, and it shows in his character. Anyone making a major investment should feel good about their decisions. We, the Dixson Family feel that we were able to make the best home buying decisions, because we had the best Realtor providing us with the best information and assistance. We highly recommend Patrick Purifoy to anyone making a major investment.

Glen and Andrea Dixson – Harker Heights, Texas

"Selling Our Home"

Outstanding service, professional, dependable, and most of all – trustworthy! Our house looks superb. I was fortunate to have BP Realties assist me in preparing my home for showing and there aren’t words to describe how nice it was to leave knowing it is being well maintained. I highly recommend to everyone to use BP Properties.

Alexis & Phyllis Rivera

"The Doctor"

  • He was very responsive to our desires, whims, and needs.
  • He demonstrated tolerance and patience in coping with our indecisions and personal quirks.
  • He was courteous and professional at all times.
  • He exceeded expectations.
  • Even after the sale, he has continued to provide information, referrals, and support.

  • In summary, Mr. Purifoy is an outstanding agent and has our highest recommendation.

    Dr. Gaylan and Mrs. Shirley Brown – Nolanville, TX

    "Exceptional Property Management"

    Blessed Properties, Property Management Department provides exceptional property management services. I had some poor experiences in the past with property managers, so I know the difference between good and bad managers. Blessed Properties is the best! They keep my properties rented, ensure excellent upkeep, provide my payments in a timely manner, keep me informed, and provide sound guidance and advice when needed.

    P. Flynn
    Fort Stewart
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